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Versatile Pipedrive CRM helps you manage customer accounts as early as when they are still only a thought in a tub of margarine. Supported by Pipedrive, you will not lose sight of the sales focus even after your salesperson has managed to close a sale. Automation, integration and ingenious add-ons help your salespeople to keep customer accounts under control with less effort.

Pipedrive lets you know sales status, successes and development targets in real time. It helps you to keep sales pipelines clear, salespeople up to date 24/7 and your customers at your fingertips.

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What is Pipedrive?

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Pipedrive is a CRM system designed for sales professionals just like you. It helps you to elevate the efficiency of your sales team to a totally new level!

Pipedrive offers reliable data for management support and helps you to spot what the pain points of your sales team are and see where sales are heading.

Pipedrive helps you to manage sales processes from start to finish. Smart automation, several sales pipelines and an innovative interface make your salespeople love using Pipedrive.

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Pipedrive benefits


Sales processes are always up to date

An intuitive user interface and a clear and visual sales pipeline view make your sale process management more effortless than ever.


Leads directly to a sales pipeline

Chatbots installed on websites and contact forms serve your customers around the clock and bring hot leads directly into your sales pipeline.


Less manual work

Features using artificial intelligence make your salespeople’s jobs easier by automating repetitive administrative tasks. There is no longer a need to repeat the same task over and over again.

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A safe and reliable service, data remains within the EU

State-of-the-art data protection, daily backups and world-class data storage keep your data and your customers' data safe.


Clear reports and forecasts

Visual reports show in real time where the sales are now and where they are heading and boost your salespeople’s performance.


A mobile app keeps the data with you at all times

Thanks to the mobile app, it is handy to carry the sales process data with you to customer meetings, business trips, or to that famous pier by a lake.

Are you still not our customer? Transfer your Pipedrive licence to Zimple and ensure your success!

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Pipedrive licences

You can get your Pipedrive licences through Zimple at the same affordable rates as directly from Pipedrive. In addition to licences, we also offer Pipedrive consulting services. We help you and your salespeople with deployment and when you need more extensive training on system use or integration services. Read more about our services.

Zimple offers the same licence options and terms and conditions as Pipedrive. We also serve current Pipedrive users.


14,90 e
per user, invoiced annually
  • Customised sales pipelines and activities
  • Linking emails to deals and contact information
  • Customised reporting view
  • Objective setting for users and company





Monthly invoicing € 19,90 per month/user


24,90 e

per user, invoiced annually

All Essential licence features and:
    • Customised email and task automation

    • Real-time mailbox reconciliation

    • Identify and diversify important aspects with one click

    • Customised user and administrator authorization

    • Product management



Monthly invoicing € 34,90 per month/user


49,90 e

per user, invoiced annually

All Advance licence features and:
  • Email distribution lists and calls and call follow-up with one click
  • Several reporting views
  • Team management tools and sales manager app
  • Customised user, key user and manager credentials
  • Visibility settings for contact information and deals


Monthly invoicing € 59,90 per month/user

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