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With our assistance, you can extend your usage of Pipedrive!

Integration services make Pipedrive communicate with other systems fluently and efficiently. We have implemented versatile integrations, which have brought goods from euros to sushi to Pipedrive, and our customers’ pipelines are sending goods to different destinations even at this very second. 

Zimple’s development team will build customer-specific Pipedrive add-ons for you. We will code the report you need, the additional feature or the software package from zero to ready. 

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How would your very own Pipedrive integration sound?

Our brilliant coders will give you an opportunity to make Pipedrive even bigger than you can imagine. In practice, we can create your very own Pipedrive add-on, which you can use for your own tricks, directly on the Pipedrive platform.

We implement all projects following the principles of agile development: that is, we create the most important parts first, with customer satisfaction as our highest priority. Our development team, located in Finland, has years of experience in demanding system projects.

Your investment will not be wasted: even if you get tired of Pipedrive someday, for whatever reason, you will get to keep the application we coded for you. On the other hand, you need to know that such projects are real projects, and thus also more valuable than gimmicks implemented with Zapier.

When off-the-shelf Pipedrive integrations are not enough

One of the trump cards of Pipedrive is its extensive connectivity with different systems, for example, using Zapier. We also use Zapier, with which the simplest integrations can be done within minutes. 

But what divides us from the competition is that we also provide the most demanding integration work. We build the necessary integrations based fully on your requirements and needs. We have built integrations to several systems, so it is worth checking if we already have a ready integration!

For example, Zimple has integrations to Netvisor, Visma Sign, Alpha Manager, SharpSpring, Google Data Studios and M-Files.


Customised integration

Do you need something else? Would you like to make a particular system that’s important for your business communicate directly with Pipedrive?

It is probably entirely possible. Click below and we will contact you.

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Some examples of our already implemented Pipedrive integrations


With Visma Sign-Pipedrive integration, you enable electronic signatures directly from Pipedrive. Create a quote or a contract, send it to be signed, for example, to multiple people at the same time, monitor the signature process, and receive a notification once the document is signed. All of this directly from Pipedrive.


With Netvisor-Pipedrive integration you facilitate and speed up invoicing. You avoid manual typing when the contact and project data entered earlier in Pipedrive move directly into invoices created with Netvisor. 


With M-Files-Pipedrive integration you reduce manual work and ensure that customers’ contact data is always up to date and consistent in both systems. Customer data is conveyed directly from Pipedrive to M-Files. For example, data related to customer organisations can be managed in Pipedrive, from where it is synchronised directly to M-Files. 


If you use the Cobra systems ERP system, you get all order and invoice data directly to Pipedrive through an integration built for it. In this way, you can monitor orders placed in real time in Pipedrive, as well. No more unnecessary jumping between systems or doing manual entries several times.



Does your organisation take part in public tendering? Hilma is the channel for public procurement, and together with Pipedrive, you can import calls for tender in Hilma directly into Pipedrive. That way, you also get public procurement into your sales pipe without manual typing.


Would you like several of the systems you use to communicate with your Pipedrive? Book a time for a chat below.

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