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We have built three handy packages for our Pipedrive customers to deploy the system. The contents of the packages vary depending on your team’s needs.

However, if none of our packages feels exactly right for you, let’s customise a Zimple package that does.

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Why is the Zimple Deployment service worthwhile?


Right at once

With our help you'll get the foundation in order and the work done - right from the first day.

Through in-depth interviews, we ensure that the environment is built to suit your needs.



An effective start to using CRM with Zimple! We go through the deployment with a very educational approach and tell you about the possibilities of the system by directly applying them to your actions.


Experience teaches

After many deployments and monitoring for different industries, we have learned to identify the most typical stumbling blocks. We know how to avoid them and offer creative solutions.



Information about sales and its processes is accumulated when systematically using Pipedrive, but without effective reporting it is wasted. That’s why we make sure you get the reporting tool to work effectively.


Further development

Not everything can be done right from the start. We will tell you what could be the next rational steps and make sure you have the capacity to continue to develop the environment independently.


delivered projects a year


Pipedrive professionals


satisfied Pipedrive users

Zimple project

Zimple deployment projects are always run by a project manager appointed for the project. They are supported by Zimple’s technical team.

We have implemented dozens of Pipedrive projects, and our project team has accumulated loads of experience of modelling the sales processes of different industries into Pipedrive. 


Delivery project

Deploying Pipedrive with Zimple is fast and effortless.

The actual deployment phase typically takes only about four to six weeks, during which the Pipedrive system is customised to meet your very own wishes and needs. After that, your sales team will get the new system to use.

When using the system has become part of the salespeople’s and sales managers’ everyday life, some fine-tuning can still be done to the system. During the first month, new ideas and wishes related to using the system usually emerge, and they can be further refined together with our specialists.

During the process, we are responsible for all the required actions from deployment to documentation. We can also plan together revisions related to the sales process. Our specialists make sure that adopting the new system and/or new ways of working is pleasant and – above all – fluent.

The sales management must also reserve enough time for the projects. This ensures that the CRM corresponds to the needs of your team in the best possible way.

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“Everything went really zimply. Deployment was flexible and we received exactly what we ordered.”

Juuso Lehmuskoski, Nordic ID Oyj

Our deployment packages


The small package is built to serve a straightforward and light Pipedrive project. The project contains all the tasks required for the basic deployment of Pipedrive. The small package is recommended for 1 to 5 users.

The duration of the project is 2 to 4 weeks, and the working time required from the customer is about 25 hours.



The medium package is aimed at slightly larger user groups or for a more demanding deployment. The medium package contains all the tasks of Small package and additional tasks, such as more extensive automation, reporting training, key user training and detailed training material. The medium package is recommended for 6 to 15 users.

The duration of the project is 4 to 6 weeks, and the working time required from the customer is about 40 hours.


Large deployment is the option when you need a comprehensive project for Pipedrive. We build the necessary light integrations for the customer and provide an estimate for possible larger integrations. Key user support and training are more comprehensive and possible to arrange in small groups. The large deployment package is recommended for over 15 users.

The duration of the project is 6 to 8 weeks, and the estimated working time required from the customer is about 50 hours.

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Suitable for 1 to 5 users



  • Pipedrive customisation and editing
  • Sales pipelines and automation
  • Pipedrive email and calendar synchronisation
  • Importing of old CRM data to Pipedrive
  • User training
  • Training material
  • Development and follow-up meetings
  • The project duration is about 3 to 4 weeks

The recommended licence is Pipedrive Advance starting at € 24.90 per month. Licence price includes support and maintenance services.


Suitable for 6 to 15 users



  • All SMALL package services
  • Creation of more extensive automation
  • Pipedrive reporting training
  • Key user training
  • Company-specific training material
  • Development and follow-up meetings
  • The project duration is about 4 to 6 weeks


The recommended licence is Pipedrive Professional starting at €49.90 per month. Licence price includes support and maintenance services.


Suitable for over 15 users

starting from €7,900


  • All MEDIUM package services
  • Light integrations
  • Individual key user support
  • User training in small groups
  • Team-specific training material
  • The project duration is about 6 to 8 weeks




The recommended licence is Pipedrive Professional starting at €49.90 per month. Licence price includes support and maintenance services.

Can’t find a package suitable for you?

No worries! Let’s create a deployment package suited specifically to you.

We often implement larger deployments for over 30 people through a completely customised project and are happy to offer you a quote for a project. Sometimes your company may have certain special needs, and then standard packages are not the answer. In such a case, it is best to sit down (even virtually) and build a package suited specifically to your team.

Ask for a quote on a customised package

Ensure with our deployment package that you make the most of your Pipedrive system. Book a time for a chat!

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