Power with Pipedrive add-ons

Pipedrive is not only a CRM system: Pipedrive add-ons can expand its usage options almost endlessly. Marketing automation, prospecting, electronic signatures and chatbots, just to mention a few!

Add-ons make reporting easier and boost business by combining different functionalities. At the same time, your sales team is always up to date on what’s happening.


Pipedrive is expanding

Pipedrive is rapidly developing, and our job is to help you to take new features into use efficiently. That way, Pipedrive can support your team’s sales and marketing needs in the best possible way.

Pipedrive has recently launched lots of different features, which make the system easier to use. Several functionalities have also been added. Below are some of the new Pipedrive features, which we have collected into simple packages.


Supported by Zimple, you can easily take LeadBooster into use. Our consultation services help you to deploy all LeadBooster features, in a controlled and efficient manner.

LeadBooster is a highly efficient and versatile sales tool, which helps you create a chatbot, a live chatbot and web forms on your website, and also provides you with Pipedrive Prospector.


LeadBooster deployment, starting from 690 euros.


Pipedrive documents are a brilliant feature when, for example, you want to automate the creation of tender material directly from Pipedrive data.

Documents can be synchronised to a Google Drive, OneDrive or SharePoint environment. The documents add-on is also easy to connect to the Visma Sign tool for electronic signatures.  

Documents add-on deployment starting from 1,000 euros.

Visma Sign connector

You can connect Visma Sign’s electronic signatures directly to Pipedrive with the Visma Sign connector, developed by Zimple.
You can send contracts for signing straight from Pipedrive and the signed contracts are stored directly under the deal in question in Pipedrive. You need the Visma Sign service for the connector.
Visma Sign service € 59.00 per month (includes 5 users)

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Pipedrive integrations

Zimple integration services make Pipedrive communicate with other systems fluently and efficiently. We have implemented integrations between M-files, Qlik sense, Visma Sign, Jira, Monday, Cobra sys, Office 365 services, Google products and several other systems. 

If a system comes with interface specifications, then we can quickly provide you with an offer for a possible integration.

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What’s new at Pipedrive?

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