How to motivate sales people to use a system that they may not want themselves, but that is necessary for them and for the organisation to thrive?

A CRM system will only be a real benefit to both the organization and salesperson if it is used consistently, regularly, and on a long-term basis. But how do you motivate salespeople to use the system and change their old practices just because it'll be real benefit to them (and customers) only sometime later?

What can management do to make sales see the benefits of the use of your CRM system and not only to make them use it daily but also make it fun?

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15 ways to motivate salespeople to use a CRM system


What you'll get?

Even the best CRM system becomes useless if it is not used. In order for the benefits of CRM to accrue to both the individual salesperson and the whole organization, the use of the CRM system should be continuous and goal-oriented.

If you have a system that doesn't bring the expected benefits, the problem may be in inadequate use. So what can you do?

With this comprehensive guide you will get

💥 Comprehensive familiarization with the subject

💥 15 effective ways to motivate salespeople to use CRM for long-term and goal-oriented use

💥 Up-to-date data on CRM system challenges, benefits, functions and its impact on the customer experience

💥 Zimple model for effective implementation of a CRM system

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A CRM system well-equipped for the needs of the company makes it possible that in practice, the salesperson no longer needs to open their email or calendar: everything can take place via CRM. But only if the database is regularly updated and activities are entered consistently. A CRM system does not function if data is not regularly entered in it and old customer data enriched.

If the sales team is unwilling to use the CRM system, this guide provides a few ideas on how salespeople can more easily see the answer to the question:

“What’s in it for me?”