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Playbook: Sales and Marketing Playbook

The process of deploying a new CRM system is an excellent moment to look at your sales processes more broadly, across CRM boundaries. A sales playbook can be used to identify sales opportunities which after your Pipedrive CRM can turn these opportunities into profits.

Implementing Pipedrive and optimizing your sales process

Pipedrive's CRM system provides a lot of great tools to make new business sales easier and increase overall sales efficiency, but also the possibility to manage your current client base. However, while implementing your new CRM, it is always good to execute a critical review of your existing sales processes. 

At Zimple, we tailor the implementation of each Pipedrive CRM system to fit your needs. Pipedrive is a very flexible system, and the best results are achieved when the system is built in a way that supports the current working habits and routines of the sales team. And of course we aim to add some additional magic in the process. 

Creating efficient sales processes, integrating the tools best suited to the company's needs and implementing optimal reporting tools for goals, requires that we work together to look at our customers' current sales activities and goals.

Review of sales processes

When looking at sales processes, the aim is to outline how they progress on a practical level and what different actions they include. The idea behind this information is to find out how a versatile CRM system and sales pipelines could be applied to the needs of each sales team.High_Five

In practice this is done by formulating different stages into the sales pipeline. Each stage can then be dissected, e.g. which tasks it involves and which of these tasks can be automated to eliminate manual errors and the nerves of the sales team. At this point, it is also encouraged to take a forward looking view on what kind of data we would like to have available in the future, to further develop and concentrate our sales efforts. 

Creating a Sales Playbook with Zimple

Often, however, the implementation of Pipedrive also leads to a broader view of a company’s management models, culture, marketing, and sales functions, across CRM boundaries. We have often found that in addition to the actual Pipedrive deployment project, we also help our customers create a sales playbook, that is, to outline and document the ways in which sales is made, managed and developed.

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Every modern sales organization should have common rules, regardless of size and industry. The sales playbook describes the ideal customer profile and guidelines on how he/she should be reached and how to act once the customer is found. Thus, the sales playbook is more broadly about both marketing and sales processes and their efficient co-operation.

The effectiveness of the sales playbook is based on a critical examination of sales processes and a joint effort to find better solutions for sales. The end result is a common ground for the entire sales team, which is to operate systematically throughout the sales organization, regardless of location or country. Rules also make it easier to familiarize and train new sellers when all things related to the sale are clearly documented in one place. 

Identifying your ideal customerNäyttökuva 2021-10-21 155525

Defining the ideal customer is one of the most important goals when creating a sales playbook. By perceiving the ideal customer and different buyer personalities, it is possible to identify the most potential customers, after which a strategy can be created on how to get them interested in the service or product offered. An ideal customer profile enables the sales team to know their target audience better, know how to communicate to them in just the right way, and be able to convince them to buy.

Once the criteria for the ideal customer profile have been defined in advance, Pipedrive CRM can be used to find the most potential customers and contact the right people for decision-making, at the right time. In practice, this can mean, for example, contacting potential customers when certain purchase signals are met in the company. Purchasing signals can include, for example, strategic changes within the company, expanding the business abroad, recruiting new employees, or newly received funding. By combining Vainu and Pipedrive, the above signals can be automated and easily available to the sales team.

Customer journey and defining the stages of sales processes

In addition to identifying different buyer personalities, it is important to identify different sales processes and the steps involved. Whether it’s an outbound or inbound sale, it’s essential to know how sales proceeds from marketing, prospecting, and sourcing leads to closing deals.SM_Customer_Relations

The goal of reviewing sales processes is to streamline sales by optimizing practices and creating routines and common rules to support sales. The aim is to identify and adopt best practices for sourcing leads, finding potential customers, and communicating between the sales team and customers.

The sales game book can be used to answer questions such as what to do before contacting, how to handle customer visits, how to act once contracts have been signed and how agreed activities are recorded in Pipedrive. Instead of shiny phrases, the playbook is intended to serve as a genuinely useful and practical instruction manual, covering, for example, how to arrange a sales meeting and how the meeting should proceed.

Common rules are not just about closing deals, as it is equally important to ensure a smooth onboarding process, take care of existing customers and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, the sales playbook also agrees on procedures after this particular end point.

Sales challenges and marketing opportunities

Understanding the ideal customer, customer journey and sales process also requires recognizing and identifying solutions to sales challenges. In practice, this means that the sales playbook identifies and finds solutions to the most typical obstacles related to sales processes, such as lack of resources, time or trust.

In sales in the 2020s, it is also important that marketing communications and sales are in sync. A CRM system needs to communicate with marketing systems, and vice versa. Therefore, when creating a sales playbook and reforming operating methods, it is absolutely important to also look at the role of marketing and its closely related systems in the sales process, and to clarify how, for example, leads could be better generated and qualified.

Sales Playbook and Pipedrive on the road to success

Creating a sales playbook and common rules of the game is recommended for all sales organizations regardless of size. In connection with the introduction of Pipedrive, we have created playbooks for both the two-person sales teams and the sales and marketing teams of listed companies, and everyone in between. So feel free to contact us if you are interested in Pipedrive's customer management system and need help creating common rules of sales!


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