Do you make the most of Pipedrive?

Do you use Pipedrive in your organisation but feel that you are not making the most of it? Does Pipedrive act mostly as a tool for sales monitoring and reporting, but that’s all? You are not alone.

We exist for this very purpose – we believe that once you’ve purchased Pipedrive, you should use it in the most effective way. We have noticed that while Pipedrive is one of the most versatile CRM systems in the market, people do not make the most of it. If you don’t have time to learn all the fine points of Pipedrive, call us for help. Our certified Pipedrive wizards are here for you and your team.

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How can we help you?

We are specialised in helping teams specifically with matters related to Pipedrive. Our mission is to make sales easier, more effective and more automated. 

We would love to help you, even if your licences were not purchased through us. Your current licences can be easily transferred to us with no big effort, we will take care of it for you. Why is it worth your while? When you transfer your licences to us, all support services are also transferred to Zimple. That is, you will receive support from us any time there is an incident. 

So how can we help you? What is the challenge you are hoping to find a solution for?


Why should you transfer your Pipedrive licences to Zimple?

By transferring your Pipedrive licences to Zimple, you gain many significant benefits. The most significant are continuous support and training, as well as other additional services. We offer free monthly Pipedrive trainings to our licenced customers  and interesting webinars. Now you should really be our customer!

Nb! At any point you won't lose the control of you Pipedrive CRM system, we are here only to support your journey.

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Functionality and easy integrations

With Zimple integration services, you can connect Pipedrive to many different systems. As our customer, you will be able to expand Pipedrive infinitely and gain a competitive advantage which others don’t have!

We have implemented projects where Pipedrive has been connected, for example, to M-files, Visma Sign, Jira, Monday and different Google services.

Connecting Pipedrive to a different system can be agile; just contact us!


You will make the most of Pipedrive

We offer a free survey session to all new customers, after which we will know better what kind of solution you need.

Pipedrive’s possibilities are truly extensive, but you probably don’t have the time to become familiar with all of them or the knowledge to use them.

We help you to make the most of your CRM system!


You get flexible invoicing

You get Pipedrive licences from us with e-invoicing directly to your financial management system. We offer a payment period of 14-30 days for all new customers.

All licence prices correspond fully to buying directly from Pipedrive, but from Zimple, you also get support and consultation services when you need them.

We also offer other benefits to our customers: ask us more!

Transferring your Pipedrive licences to Zimple is easy!


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If you want your team to make the most of Pipedrive, you should consider Pipedrive training. After the training, you can count on your team benefiting from the tool 100%, with no features remaining unused. During the past year we have trained hundreds of Pipedrive users, and we know the worst bottlenecks.

We organise training in Finnish, English and Swedish. We can implement training live at our office in Espoo Keilaniemi, at your premises or over a video conference. Currently, about 90% of training takes place over video, and this also enables easy recording of training sessions for future use. You will receive a recording and can use it when new salespeople join your sales gang.

Would you like to learn to use Pipedrive better?

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Why don't salespeople use CRM system effectively and what can you do about it?

How to motivate sales people to use a system that they may not want themselves, but that is necessary for them and for the organisation to thrive?

Download our free guide and get 15 practical advises on what can management do to make sales see the benefits of the use of your CRM system and not only to make them use it daily but also make it fun?

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