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Pipedrive sales pipelines – How to make the most of them?

Thanks to Pipedrive's sales pipelines, managing sales from lead acquisition to closing is easy and convenient. Structuring sales processes and forecasting and tracking sales result in up to one quarter more closed deals during the first year.

Pipedrive in a nutshell

Pipedrive is a CRM system designed for sales needs, which increases sales by offering a simple, but efficient platform for the management of complicated sales processes. Pipedrive’s efficiency is based on a visual and intuitive sales outlook, which allows the salespeople to always keep all sales processes up to date and proceed in a straightforward manner, step by step, towards closing deals.

Sales professionals typically have a lot going on, but thanks to Pipedrive, it is possible to keep the focus on the most important tasks in view of sales results at any given time.

In this blog, we present the efficient

  • Pipedrive sales pipelines,
  • reliable reporting features and
  • tools boosting lead acquisition,

to help give you the full potential of Pipedrive.

The sales pipeline helps to manage the sales process 

One of Pipedrive’s superior features is its clear, straightforward and easy-to-use general view, which shows the user the most essential data at one glance.

In Pipedrive, salespeople always primarily see the sales pipeline view, where deals are organised according to their sales phase. This is an excellent way to manage the sales process, because it visualises the process according to its cycles and offers up-to-date data, for example, about the number of deals, their value and degree of closing.

The sales pipeline view encourages the salesperson to take the necessary actions to make the deals move closer to closing. As regards to prioritising tasks and sales, focusing on the most optimal tasks is made extremely easy.  For example, the sales pipeline can show with different colours if a deal is about to be lost and requires speedy activation from the salesperson. Prioritisation makes planning every workday simple, and salespeople are always on board regarding what to do next.  

Several sales pipelines help the organisation

How does Pipedrive differ from other similar CRM systems? In addition to Pipedrive being planned specifically for the needs of salespeople, it uniquely has several sales pipelines instead of just one. Where ordinary CRM systems have a one-dimensional sales pipeline for all projects, Pipedrive allows the building of several sales pipelines, which further facilitates the organisation and management of customer accounts.  
In practice, for example, real estate agencies can conveniently manage their sales items in one pipeline and buyers interested in the items in another pipeline. In the sales pipeline view, salespeople can easily add and move, for example, new customers, tasks and notes by dragging and dropping.  Sales pipelines can also be easily swapped, and all the necessary data always remain in one system.

Every company (and sometimes even salesperson) has its own, individual sales process. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the sales CRM system can also be customised to best serve the sales process of each company.

Pipedrive is well suited for the sales work of different companies because it can be fully customised, for example, according to the needs of different sales phases, tasks and teams. In practice, it is possible to add an unlimited number of different task types and name them as you wish. From the viewpoint of your own sales process, redundant tasks and features can also be removed.


Better sales results with the help of forecasts, reports and goals 

Tracking sales results is a prerequisite for the development of sales and achieving better sales results. In addition to features facilitating daily sales measures, Pipedrive offers efficient tools for creating different reports and goals and tracking their realisation.

Like the other views in the system, reports are visual, and it is extremely easy to interpret their tables and diagrams. Tables help move the focus to the very things that need development at the moment.

Reports are often used only to glance at the results, although it is at least as important to analyse the reasons behind them. Pipedrive’s reporting tools help to automatically focus the attention on the essential things.  In addition to sales reports, the system enables the creation of activity reports and product reports, as well. In addition to salespeople’s results, they report salespeople’s activity regarding different tasks in real time, and which products are sold the most.

Pipedrive reports are not only there for tracking by sales managers, because they also offer useful information about results and factors leading to them for salespeople. Reports help to clarify, for example, which actions have resulted in the best conversion percentages, how active the salespeople have been, and how it has affected the results, and which projects are close to a contract, or why some of the deals are lost.

With reports and goals, salespeople are also able to manage their own operations and can change direction, when necessary, to improve their sales performance, if it looks like the current procedures are not helping to reach the sales targets of the ongoing month, for example.

Leads directly to sales pipeline with Pipedrive

Versatile Pipedrive offers solutions for the different phases of sales processes, even from the acquisition of leads. It helps salespeople obtain hot leads directly to their sales pipeline.

On the company website, it is worth offering as many different means of contact as possible to make sure that every customer finds the method they prefer. Pipedrive makes it possible to introduce different web forms and chatbots to a corporate website, through which website visitors interested in services or products can leave their contact information for the company.

The web form Pipedrive offers can be modified to suit the individual needs of each company and sales process. The content of the form can be customised depending on what kind of mandatory and optional information you want to ask from a potential customer. In addition to contact information, a form can be used to survey which services a customer is interested in or how they wish to be contacted. However, it is good to keep the form as simple as possible, not to make filling it in an obstacle to making contact.

A chatbot, which mimics the conversation between a salesperson and a site visitor, is another excellent low-threshold contact channel. The Pipedrive chatbot can be manuscripted in a style suitable for a given company’s brand, and thus attract visitors who are interested in the products and services to leave their contact information with the company.

Chatbot serves your customers on the website 24/7 and makes sure that no deals are missed after the official opening hours, either. By manuscripting questions and quick answers to a chatbot, you can answer the most typical questions customers ask, and based on the customers’ replies, leads can be directed to the sales pipelines of specific teams or individual salespeople.


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