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Pipedrive CRM – why is it a salesperson’s best buddy?

Pipedrive is a visual CRM system built by salespeople for salespeople. It makes sales simpler and more effective. We now present the features of an intelligent CRM system that help sales processes to always stay up to date.

CRM system to support sales

Pipedrive is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which puts the needs of salespeople first.

CRM systems are usually promised to be tools for customer account management – as the name indicates – and thus boost sales. This often primarily means the recording process followed for the purpose of tracking the actions of company management. The aim is to increase sales by tracking different figures and indicators retroactively.

Entering pieces of information is laborious and often unnecessarily consumes salespeople’s working time. Everyone benefits, if they can rather use the time for following up on leads, meeting customers and closing deals.

Entering customer data and tracking sales processes (especially reasons for won or lost deals) are, of course, prerequisites for communication that promotes sales and for boosting sales. Unfortunately, systems designed for this purpose often don’t provide an easy-to-use or logical platform for it. Not to mention that they could offer salespeople tools that genuinely facilitate and speed up the sales process.

A CRM system from salespeople for salespeople

Unlike typical CRM systems, Pipedrive is built by salespeople for salespeople. Pipedrive emerged from the idea of sales managers, who developed what they themselves needed in their daily work. The development resulted in the Pipedrive CRM system, which combined features facilitating sales work and tools needed for tracking.

Instead of staring in the rear-view mirror, Pipedrive boosts sales by making salespeople’s daily work considerably easier and more agile. It offers salespeople tools that allow them to better manage complicated sales processes and leads themselves. The systems make entering data, updating and tracking it more effortless and faster than ever before.

Pipedrive is based on the idea that even if results cannot be controlled, the actions resulting in closing a deal can. That is why in Pipedrive, the attention is on real-time action and deals on the horizon.


Thanks to Pipedrive, sales processes are always up to date

The absolute strengths of Pipedrive are its intuitive and straightforward interface as well as its visual sales pipelines. They help salespeople to get all the information they need easily from one view.

Information can be examined and updated, and new customer accounts and tasks added conveniently from one place. Furthermore, all history data related to the customer and different phases of the sales process, for example, calls and other activities, are stored. In this way, the salespeople are always on top of things and understand what the status is and what should be done next.

A clear and brilliantly organised view makes the management of challenging sales processes so easy that it encourages salespeople to keep the tasks in order and take measures that push deals towards closure. In this way, tasks related to the sales process are not left hanging, but are always kept up to date and fresh.

Automation of tasks reduces the amount of salespeople’s work

How does Pipedrive do all this? For example, by automating salespeople’s tasks. Automation of an intelligent customer relationship management system makes salespeople’s work easier and releases the time used for manual drudgery by automating different repetitive administrative tasks.  

In practice, every time a new customer project is created in Pipedrive, various related tasks can be automated in the system. Once a customer account reaches a certain phase in the sales pipeline, Pipedrive can, for example, automatically create a task “Call the customer”, or when a new customer account is won, Pipedrive can automatically change the status from prospect to customer. For example, the system can also notify the sales manager every time one of the salespeople closes a deal, or send an automatic welcome message to a customer as soon as they have signed a contract.

Salespeople can themselves create several different automations meeting their individual needs: their imagination is the only limit. Salespeople can also themselves define what kind of event triggers an automatic action. In addition, a sales assistant based on artificial intelligence can recommend to the CRM system users different tasks, which should be automated to boost work and sales. 


A CRM system where everything is in one place 

In addition to a visual sales process view, easy-to-use interface and automation that reduces manual work, Pipedrive offers numerous different integration options.  

With a bidirectional email integration, sending and receiving sales emails takes place conveniently both through the work mailbox and Pipedrive’s own mailbox. In this way, the entire email history is always available, and previous messages are easy to check irrespective of application, for example, before contacting a customer.

In addition to Gmail and Outlook integration, it is possible to install applications into Pipedrive that connect it, for example, to the popular organisation tools Trello or Slack, designed for teams’ internal communication, and numerous other popular services.

A mobile app keeps CRM always in your pocket

Best of all, Pipedrive CRM system can also be used on a mobile. Thanks to the mobile CRM system, the sales process data travels with you to customer meetings, business trips or wherever you go. The application is available for both Android and IOS. 

A focus view designed for a mobile application offers a convenient way to check the summary of daily activities, such as agreed meetings and calls. The view prioritises the most important current activities, such as unread messages and tasks with the closest deadline. The summary is easy to check, for example, first thing in the morning, allowing you to plan the new workday according to the most important activities.

Thanks to the CRM system in your pocket, it is also possible to update and edit information related to the sales process, anywhere and any time. With the CRM application, it is possible to take voice notes, for example, on the way to a customer meeting, and the application automatically converts them into text. Quick notes remain stored, and work organised, even when the salesperson is on the road.

Do you want to make your workday easier and also boost your sales?

Pipedrive really is a salesperson’s best buddy, because it is genuinely built to support salespeople’s work and to boost sales processes. With a visual CRM system it is possible to easily manage a sales process consisting of several parts, starting from lead acquisition (more about this in the next article), contacting and meeting to analysing customer needs and placing an order.

Pipedrive makes sales simpler by always keeping the salesperson up to date and steering them in a straightforward manner towards closing a deal. Instead of complex CRM systems and separate Excel spreadsheets, all the data can be found at a glance in one place, freeing up much more time for work that promotes sales.


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